Savoy Theatre Seating Plan

The Savoy Theatre has seating on three levels: the stalls, dress circle and upper circle, with room for 1,108 people in total. The stalls, being close to the stage, usually offer the best views, especially the front half. The dress circle provides some seats with great stage views, with poorer quality at a lower price the further back you go.

The furthest tier from the stage, the upper circle, delivers varying quality experiences - in general the farther back you sit at this level, the worse your view of the action. Row AA in the stalls has extra legroom, handy if you’re on the tall side, but prepare to have to look upwards at the high stage. In the next tier, central seats in the first few rows, from B backwards, are popular. Even at row F the views are good, even though it can feel a bit distant.

The dress circle box is usually closed and has poor views anyway, losing half the stage. The upper circle legroom is best at the end of rows, worse as you move towards the centre. But the views from front and central rows up here are generally pretty good. There are 75 stairs down to the stalls from the foyer and 32 to the dress circle, which you can also access from street level as long as you arrange it in advance. The grand circle is above ground level.